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Stainless steel cladding is a must for zoned trucks that work in an explosive environment or is an option for the food and brine industry, making the truck easy to wash down after use.

We also offer a repair service on previously cladded stainless steel forks.

We only use high grade 316 stainless steel

Many warehouse applications are not regarded as standard, or sometimes handling requirements may change resulting in changes to the warehouse truck - We are specialists in changing existing fork configurations, for example, increasing or decreasing fork length and wheelbase, width over the forks, extending fork tips and reel carrier conversions.

We can provide your company with advice and designs for any fabricated truck modification.

We can build "special trucks" grafted onto your standard drive unit, using your own design or as a joint project where we can become involved in designing the truck solution.

We have experience in building, Platform Trucks (upto 10 tonne capacity), Reel Carriers (upto 5 tonne capacity), widening warehouse trucks to improve stability and overhead guard modifications.

All major modifications can be load tested and LOLER tested with prior arrangement.

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